Student Seminar

The 15th Student Seminar

 For students who have studied sport management at undergraduate and postgraduate level, it is important to understand leadership and how to develop leadership skills in order to be at the forefront of different fields and to develop their careers. 

 This seminar provides an opportunity to learn about current leadership theories from Dr Laura Barton, an expert in leadership studies in sport management. Learning about leadership theories can enhance leadership practice in your university/college life, sports fields and future careers. It can also help identify role models and mentors who demonstrate various ways to lead successfully.  Therefore, this seminar will contribute to your career development.

Theme Optimal leadership: The necessary elements considered with the latest leadership theories
Date March 1, 2024,(Fri.) 13:30-15:30

Room #401, Education Bldg. 2
2-4-4 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8421, Japan
Hongo / Ochanomizu Campus, Juntendo University

※This program will be conducted in English.
※Faculty support available

Eligibility for Seminar Student members, Undergraduate students, Graduate students
Seminar Fee ・The registration fee for this seminar is included in the conference registration fee.(Standard payment: 4,000 yen, Same day payment: 5,000 yen)
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Theme description, Self-introduction, Lecture

Individual and group work, feedback from the lecturer

Dr. Laura J. Burton
     Professor, Sport Management
Department Head, Department of Educational Leadership,

 She is a professor in Sport Management at the University of Connecticut and Department Head of the Neag School of Education. Her research interests include understanding leadership in sports organizations and exploring development, access, and success. Dr. Laura Burton focuses on gender issues and their impact on women in leadership contexts and has published numerous articles and books. 

 She also serves as Associate Editor of the Journal of Sport Management and on the editorial board of Women in Sport and Physical Activity.

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Please note that the amount for early-bird payment or standard payment will not be applied if the transfer is made after the due date

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